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More Food, More Pics, Still Not a Food Blog… But I know A Fun One

Alright, this is just a teaser post of what is to come. This weekend I had the pleasure of helping photograph some great recipes by my friend and fellow blogger Meg. She runs an always interesting and entertaining blog called Lady Bowels. Yes, you read that right.

Her about statement goes like this:

is this site really about digestion?


I have IBS and eat low-FODMAP. I also have a job, a social life, a long list of travel-to-dos and a penchant for scotch. Jam all that together and you get this blog. WELCOME.

She cooked four different recipes and we photographed the whole process. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to post them all. But I will wait until she posts them… then you will also get all the delicious recipes. (The perks of food photography is you get to eat your subject.)

Thanks for an awesome day Meg!

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Ole! Flamenco in St. Paul

There is so much going on in this city and I am in love with it. Everywhere I look there is something to do and see and experience. I knew this was a reality before moving up but now that I have been here for eight months, it has finally sunk in.

Watching Flamenco performances the other week was certainly one of those experiences that grounded that belief. My good friend Maribel has been dancing flamenco for a few years now and invited me to come take photos at a few of their performances during the St. Paul Art Crawl.

Flamenco is a traditional form of dance originating in Spain by the gypsies. It is rhythmic, colorful and fun to watch. I highly suggest it if you want to add a little more culture to your life. If you’re interested in more about Flamenco in the Twin Cities, Studio Sendero is where to go!!
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Art, Workspaces and Food: Art-A-Whirl 2015

This was my first Art-A-Whirl… and it was great. I lugged my camera around hundreds of artist studios as they showcased their work for thousands at this long weekend event. It was very well attended and the great weather made it a perfect day. The following are just a few little sets of photos from throughout the day.


I was intrigued by each artist’s workspace within their studio. The large windows provided for some nicely lit photos.

Food and Drink

Food trucks and local beers were everywhere… you can’t go wrong with a cubano burrito bowl and some 612 grapefruit beer.

Random Things

Naturally at such an event there were a lot of demonstrations and things happening.

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Joys of Walking Home

In late February I totaled my car. I contemplated getting a new one but being carless was an idea I had wrestled with for years. After three and a half months, I couldn’t be happier about the choice.

Every morning I take a Car2Go to work but lately I have tried to walk home more. Walking is by far my favorite way to get home from work. It’s amazing to walk through different neighborhoods and see things that in a car would never have been possible.

I’m sure people laugh at me as I whip out my phone while walking to snap a few photos but it is a simple thing that I really enjoy. This whole process has been a great way to learn a new city that I now call home.

Here are a few pictures from my today’s (May 15, 2015) walk home.

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St. Paul Public Library

Now that the weather is nice, I’m really making an effort to get out and explore the cities more. There are some really amazing structures to take pictures of. The St. Paul Public Library is one of them.

Here are just some of my favorite photos from my visit with my good friend Nate.

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Around the Neighborhood

This town seems to explode with people at the first sight of spring. I too have been caught up in the warm weather and have been walking around my neighborhood a lot with my camera in tow. I can’t not stop and take a picture of a bloom or green grass.

I have also found that strange things seem to end up in fences here. Why? How? Who? I don’t know the answers but I find it comical.

Finally, I love this town. There is so much randomness and art and culture and people and things and food and stuff… I can’t get enough. It has only been seven months since I have moved up but it was a great decision and already feels like home.

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Fashion Photographer for a Day

I’ve shared stories of the cool side projects that my friends Max and Terrin before….. Tiny Few… But in the last couple of months they have had a number of projects/businesses start to blossom. This weekend we decided to get together and have a working weekend.

It might sound strange to dedicate your entire weekend to “working” but let me just say…. IT WAS AWESOME. Each of us have a different skill set, so when we get together some amazing collaboration happens. Max was helping me with a new logo for a side project, to be announced at a later date. Terrin was crunching numbers and doing social media for Max was then working on another collaboration that we are working on together. I was working one of my websites and editing the photos you see here. (Stay tuned for some cool new stuff I have been working on with lots of folks… It’s going to be an exciting summer.)

So… About being a fashion photographer for a day. Terrin and Max run an online boutique store and are doing great but wanted to take a new set of photos in the city. I of course jumped at the opportunity to help. I love a challenge and Terrin is a great model/stylist/entrepreneur. Together we made some amazing pictures. (Terrin didn’t complain once about being cold but wearing a dress on that bridge in the middle of the city was, I’m sure, very chilly.)

Below are the black and white versions of the photos… they will be posting a mixture of full color and black and white on the Style Code blog and social media.

(PS. No retouching was needed on these photos. Just filtered to black and white.)

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This is still not a food blog.

I have been doing a ton of stuff the last couple of months and it has been great. I am really excited about all the things happening right now. So, today I took a few hours to just slow down, have some fun, take some pictures and just try something new.

For my birthday my parents and I went to Ikea and then assembled a new photo table for my apartment. I have being doing more photography the last couple of months, you wouldn’t know that based on my blog, and I wanted a more serious work space. So today I used that space to take photos of my breakfast. Because… that’s what I do.

Taking pictures of your breakfast takes serious time.
It was a ton of fun.
In the end it looks like a granola ad.
So… I am happy!

Arthur Puppy Sitting and Reflecting
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The following is a poem from the point-of-view of Arthur, my dog, looking back on his year. Enjoy!

I walked outside today the brisk wind brushed my face,

My hair bent to the breeze and my paws slipped in place.

I gazed upon my new domain while gathering my thoughts,

Today I write this poem to you about reflections I have caught.


Just weeks ago I was packing my final few things with care,

My toys, my treats, well… that’s everything.

Tossed in a small bag and then again over my shoulder,

I was headed to the northland just an hour over the border.


As I walked from the door and it closed with a smack,

I looked down to a puddle and saw myself looking back.

Damn. I looked good after a long morning of work,

I wasn’t even sweating so I gave myself a wink with a smirk.


The drive took hours or years, I may have blacked out,

Being tossed around in back like a fresh river trout.

Alas, I arrived weary and wasted, I couldn’t sleep a wink,

My grandparents beside me were in need of a stiff drink.


From the window I saw what would be my new city,

But once again I was distracted by the sight of a kitty.

Walking up the sixteen steps for the very first time,

I was now out of breath from just the horrendous climb.


Thats when it caught me, my reflection once again,

In the glass door of my new building, my home, my den.

I looked different now, a city pup I had emerged,

My eyes wiser, my coat slicker, my two lives converged.


Now with a few more weeks under my pelt,

I’m more street smart because of cards I’ve been dealt.

The future is bright, though they say it will get colder,

We’ll see if it’s true but I’m now older and bolder.


So as you look back on the year, each triumph and blunder,

Remember to reflect, to gaze and to wonder.

I may be just a young pup with my whole life to master,

But don’t forget I age seven times faster.

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Illusions with Friends at The Guthrie

I have some pretty great friends. They are always up for doing new things and this Sunday afternoon stroll was no different. Kaley and I went to the Guthrie Theater the other week to catch up and just walk around as I snapped a few pictures. It was another cold and windy day that ended with us laughing a lot and taking some fun pictures.

The building is a very interesting and unique structure which lends to it having a lot of very cool pictures taken of it. We were really fascinated by the window sills lined with mirrors (picture at the top of the page) allowing some cool optical illusions to be had. A few of the pictures also captured my love of all things symmetrical.

It is free to walk around within and out onto the long skyway/deck thing overlooking the river. Make it part of an afternoon at Gold Medal Park right next to it… you won’t be disappointed if you want a relaxing afternoon activity.

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