January 2014

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Wartburg – Why are we playing it safe?

As an alum of Wartburg College I think about my time there every day. I contemplate the ideas they fostered and the stories we wrote. I juggle my allegiance and pride of the school with careful criticism of the choices they make as an institution. Every day I feel humbled to learn of another alum Read More

Cedar Rock
Posted on January 24, 2014 by

The Perk of Moving Away

I have found that there is a huge perk to not living as an adult in the same area you grew up. It’s simple… field trips. Since I grew up in southern Wisconsin and now live in Iowa, I get to visit all of the best Iowa childhood field trip destinations with the appreciation of Read More

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Crafting a Career in Sports Social Media – A #Profile of Mac Slavin

#Profiles is a series that will highlight young professionals living interesting lives. I find so much inspiration in learning more about how people early in their careers deal with new cities, new jobs and new opportunities. If you know someone who would make a great #Profile, contact me. I first met Mac Slavin at Wartburg Read More

The Columns at Warburg College in Waverly, Iowa
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How Nostalgia is Good Medicine

Nostalgia kicks in every time I return to the campus of Wartburg College, my alma mater. I’m not longing to be a undergrad again or to relive certain moments with my friends. I become nostalgic for the creative freedom that my time at Wartburg provided. The feeling that anything was possible and that life wasn’t that Read More

Washing Potatoes
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My 2013 Captured in Five Photos

I tried harder in 2013 to capture my life through photos. Looking through all 2,500 of them reminded me of the many small moments that happened. Below are just a few of my favorites. The picture above is by far my favorite. It’s of my father washing potatoes before they headed to the Cedar Falls Read More

Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland
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Traveling Alone was the Best Thing for Me

I booked the tickets on a whim. I had talked about leaving for a few months but before that day, it had been little more than talk. After a stressful morning at work I went home for lunch, checked the ticket prices, and booked my trip to Iceland and Finland. I had asked many friends Read More

Sunset over Helsinki, Finland
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Committing To Something New

Committing to something new brings up a lot of unknown answers to questions that haven’t been asked. Today is my birthday. At no other time in my life has today felt more like a rebirth and renewal. With the final months of 2013 leading to some of the biggest and best changes I had never Read More

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