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Art, Workspaces and Food: Art-A-Whirl 2015

This was my first Art-A-Whirl… and it was great. I lugged my camera around hundreds of artist studios as they showcased their work for thousands at this long weekend event. It was very well attended and the great weather made it a perfect day. The following are just a few little sets of photos from throughout Read More

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Joys of Walking Home

In late February I totaled my car. I contemplated getting a new one but being carless was an idea I had wrestled with for years. After three and a half months, I couldn’t be happier about the choice. Every morning I take a Car2Go to work but lately I have tried to walk home more. Read More

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Around the Neighborhood

This town seems to explode with people at the first sight of spring. I too have been caught up in the warm weather and have been walking around my neighborhood a lot with my camera in tow. I can’t not stop and take a picture of a bloom or green grass. I have also found Read More

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Fashion Photographer for a Day

I’ve shared stories of the cool side projects that my friends Max and Terrin before….. Tiny Few… But in the last couple of months they have had a number of projects/businesses start to blossom. This weekend we decided to get together and have a working weekend. It might sound strange to dedicate your entire weekend to Read More

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This is still not a food blog.

I have been doing a ton of stuff the last couple of months and it has been great. I am really excited about all the things happening right now. So, today I took a few hours to just slow down, have some fun, take some pictures and just try something new. For my birthday my Read More

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Illusions with Friends at The Guthrie

I have some pretty great friends. They are always up for doing new things and this Sunday afternoon stroll was no different. Kaley and I went to the Guthrie Theater the other week to catch up and just walk around as I snapped a few pictures. It was another cold and windy day that ended Read More

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How to Fake a Food Blog

Lets be honest, food blogging is all the rage. I follow multiple food bloggers who do a great job making/baking/photographing food. Nice work real food bloggers… keep it up! Now, I am not baking wizard… but I do enjoy the photography part of the recipe. So here are my photos of a special recipe given Read More

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Money on My Mind

When I was combing through my backlog of photos from the summer months I found these gems. During my trip to England in August, our amazing hosts lent us a few Pounds for cab fair and me-being-me setup an impromptu photoshoot. They’re just sitting on the glass dining room table. Is it just me or Read More

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Portraits: Ashley

Over the last few months I have been drawn back to the fun of taking portraits. Often times the hardest part is just finding models (friends) willing to have their portrait taken. This summer my friend Ashley offered to let me take her portrait and test out some new lenses. The pictures were taken in my Read More

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