Conversations at Thanksgiving – A Life Update

November 30, 2014

Two things can be counted on during the long Thanksgiving weekend. First, you’ll eat a lot. Second, with your mouth full of turkey you will update your friends and family on your life. Having recently moved, there was a lot of updating to do on my part. Which made me realize that I have only shared random pictures and quick updates here… so here is a life update.

I moved to Minneapolis at the end of September and have now been living in the Uptown area for exactly two months. In short… I have loved it. It’s a diverse city full of things to do and places to eat. That last part is really important… there is practically unlimited places to eat here. Every day a friend or colleague tips me off to a great place to eat. I have enjoyed so many different restaurants so far and don’t plan to stop trying new places any time soon. Since some have asked about my recent favorites:

Smack Shack: Lobster. Amazing. Enough said.

Chino Latino: Chinese/Mexican Fusion…. I wanted to taste it all. Unique.

Brasa: Try all the things and fill your table with little servings of each.

Now that I am sufficiently hungry again and thinking of my next meal…. Lets talk about how I am paying for all this food. Haha I took a new job at Periscope. It is a 500+ person ad agency located near downtown, right next to the new Viking’s stadium. I have the privilege to work with a great team who are incredibly smart and devoted to creating amazing things for our clients. I am the Digital Product Manager… which means I help guide large scale website/app projects, ensuring they meet goals and expectations. It is both challenging and fun at the same time.

Last but certainly not least…. Arthur. He has adjusted well to the big city. He is head of security at our apartment and ensures that everyone in the hallway knows there is large scary dog on the other side of the door. He also loves the park that we live by and enjoys meeting other small dogs while on walks. (He is currently working on his holiday poem due out soon. Read last years here…

So that is that… The same life update I delivered 32 wonderful times to friends and family.

Life is good here in the city.