Fashion Photographer for a Day

March 22, 2015

I’ve shared stories of the cool side projects that my friends Max and Terrin before….. Tiny Few… But in the last couple of months they have had a number of projects/businesses start to blossom. This weekend we decided to get together and have a working weekend.

It might sound strange to dedicate your entire weekend to “working” but let me just say…. IT WAS AWESOME. Each of us have a different skill set, so when we get together some amazing collaboration happens. Max was helping me with a new logo for a side project, to be announced at a later date. Terrin was crunching numbers and doing social media for Max was then working on another collaboration that we are working on together. I was working one of my websites and editing the photos you see here. (Stay tuned for some cool new stuff I have been working on with lots of folks… It’s going to be an exciting summer.)

So… About being a fashion photographer for a day. Terrin and Max run an online boutique store and are doing great but wanted to take a new set of photos in the city. I of course jumped at the opportunity to help. I love a challenge and Terrin is a great model/stylist/entrepreneur. Together we made some amazing pictures. (Terrin didn’t complain once about being cold but wearing a dress on that bridge in the middle of the city was, I’m sure, very chilly.)

Below are the black and white versions of the photos… they will be posting a mixture of full color and black and white on the Style Code blog and social media.

(PS. No retouching was needed on these photos. Just filtered to black and white.)