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This is still not a food blog.

I have been doing a ton of stuff the last couple of months and it has been great. I am really excited about all the things happening right now. So, today I took a few hours to just slow down, have some fun, take some pictures and just try something new. For my birthday my Read More

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Illusions with Friends at The Guthrie

I have some pretty great friends. They are always up for doing new things and this Sunday afternoon stroll was no different. Kaley and I went to the Guthrie Theater the other week to catch up and just walk around as I snapped a few pictures. It was another cold and windy day that ended Read More

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How to Fake a Food Blog

Lets be honest, food blogging is all the rage. I follow multiple food bloggers who do a great job making/baking/photographing food. Nice work real food bloggers… keep it up! Now, I am not baking wizard… but I do enjoy the photography part of the recipe. So here are my photos of a special recipe given Read More

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Portraits: Ashley

Over the last few months I have been drawn back to the fun of taking portraits. Often times the hardest part is just finding models (friends) willing to have their portrait taken. This summer my friend Ashley offered to let me take her portrait and test out some new lenses. The pictures were taken in my Read More

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TinyFew: A #Profile on a Creative Extension

It’s always easy to start a passion project. You know… you have a fun idea and you start the process of turning it into something more. These types of projects are usually the easiest to start but the hardest to keep going. Turning that idea into a project and then a business is a dream Read More

Buckingham Palace in London, England
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Traveling in England : All the Daily Blogs

While I was traveling through England I was daily blogging. I am so very glad that I kept at it throughout the trip because at this point… I only remember the highlights. Since returning I have had a number of people say, “Your trip looked so fun… I was reading along.” and others say, “What? You Read More

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A Bumblebee in the Backyard – Macro Video

Sometimes you run inside and grab your camera hoping that whatever it was you were just looking at is still there when you get back. This was one of those instances. A big bumblebee was sort of skipping/flying through the grass in my backyard and with my new macro lens… I knew it would be Read More

Farmer's Market Produce
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Saturday Morning’s Farmer’s Market Photo Shoot

Living a block away from the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market is awesome. I am often there helping my Dad and brother with their booth but they were MIA this week. But… I needed some food for the week and knew exactly what would happen when I got home… #PhotoShoot I am sort of obsessed with Read More

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The National Eagle Center: It’s worth a visit.

If you ever find yourself driving through Wabasha, Minnesota or need a fun weekend trip… I would suggest stopping at the National Eagle Center. Located right on the Mississippi RIver and near downtown Wabasha, the center is host to five injured bald and golden eagles and multiple interactive exhibits. The eagles are quite amazing to Read More

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Does every photographer have a macro stage?

On a whim last week I made a purchase on Amazon. While looking for backup batteries for my camera, they suggested I take a look at a lens/filter bundle pack. (No surprise, they knew just what I wanted.) It came with three lenses, 7 filters and a few other odds and ends. I decided to Read More

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