Revelations – Arthur’s 2015 Poem

November 22, 2015


by Arthur

I’ve been typing all morning,
with fresh brewed coffee by my side.
It’s organic, it’s fair trade,
it’s like sipping ideas with pride.


The keys clack and the steam rolls,
my words, my beans, my stories unfold.
An authentic life I have come to live,
for the city life I am sold.


I found it within me,
my voice and my truth.
It was hiding in plain sight,
within the depths of my youth.


Typing is my medicine,
creating a rhythm to life.
I have much to say,
though little strife.

To inspire me and guide me,
the greats were brought in.
With the timbre of vinyl,
the B side did spin.


It played and I listened,
I pricked up my ears.
The crackle did crack,
and then suddenly… so did my fears.

It was true, it had happened,
The city did turn me.
A typewriter? A record player?
Am I that broke hipster I see?


I guess this is it,
I had better move.
What’s next I don’t know,
But this? I do disapprove.


Maybe it’s a phase,
or just a dry run.
Let’s hope I’m not stuck,
with this beard and man bun.