The Art & Craft of Everyday Objects

February 22, 2016

A trifecta of moments happened in the last week to trigger this post.

  1. I backed up 350 gigs of photos from the last 12 years to the cloud. So, of course I started to relieve the memories as I sorted through all of the old pictures.
  2. Once in a while people ask me for prints of my photos. I am happy to oblige because I get inspired looking through old travel photos and it’s a wonderful compliment to have your work hang in someone’s home.
  3. This morning I fell down a crazy YouTube rabbit hole… I watched about 3 hours of video of a guy who does woodworking. He spends just as much time making the wood items as he does making awesome videos of it. This one was my favorite.

So, while I was stumbling through some old photos from last summer I found this collection of photos I shot while in Duluth on a solo day trip. I was doing a tour of the Glensheen Mansion and noticed all of the awesome chairs around the house and due to the great light that day… it made for some fun photos.

In today’s Ikea world, chairs probably take minutes to build. After watching the woodworking videos and seeing these photos of intricate chairs from the early 1900s, I can’t help but thinks of the hundreds of hours craftsman spent creating the furniture inside Glensheen.