July 2014

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Day 6: Exploring Peterborough’s Cathedral and City Center

After walking many miles yesterday we decided to take it easy today and focus on the town we have been living in for the last few days. When you have no schedule, choosing the days activities is a lot more fun. Each morning we do a bit of research based on how we feel and Read More

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Day 5: Visiting Burghley House in Stamford, England

After yesterday’s jet-lag of a morning, we were actually up at a decent time today. After a few cups of coffee with our hosts, we called a cab and were off to the train station. For about £12 round trip from Peterborough to Stamford to see the Burghley House. We had heard this is one of Read More

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Day 4: Another Day of Transit, Then Landing in the English Countryside

So the jet-lag finally caught up with us this morning. Our hotel room/apartment had no outside windows so it was perfectly dark and sound proof… no one set an alarm, thinking we would get up a reasonable time, but alas… we woke at 12:30 to the entrance of the cleaning crew. We paid the extra Read More

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Day 3: Questioned at Customs to Licking the Dessert Plate

Touchdown at Heathrow was painless but as we walked into customs the tides changed. As we worked our way through a thousand person queue, we were met by some very aggressive customs agents. Now, I know they were just doing there jobs and protecting Mother England from people overstaying their keep… but wow. I didn’t Read More

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Day 2: New City, New Plans

The decision at midnight to alter all of our previous plans and head to London instead of Venice really super charged our attitudes this morning. So much of the fun in taking this trip was planning, so the opportunity to start over was exciting. After a quick waffle and coffee we started to wonder if Read More

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Day 1: A False Start + Failed Attempt = An Adventure

We set out to have an adventure and that is just what we are doing. We knew going into this trip that flexibility was key so here we sit at a bar at JFK Airport in New York City waiting for our new flight. Yesterday, a false start and then a failed attempt to get Read More

"Bluffs of the Mississippi"
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A New Hobby: Watercolors

On a whim a few months ago, I decided to start watercolor painting. Why? I still don’t really know. Whether it was a need for another creative outlet or just a way to disconnect from the internet, it has been one of the most challenging and fun things I have done in a while. After some Read More

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The National Eagle Center: It’s worth a visit.

If you ever find yourself driving through Wabasha, Minnesota or need a fun weekend trip… I would suggest stopping at the National Eagle Center. Located right on the Mississippi RIver and near downtown Wabasha, the center is host to five injured bald and golden eagles and multiple interactive exhibits. The eagles are quite amazing to Read More

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Does every photographer have a macro stage?

On a whim last week I made a purchase on Amazon. While looking for backup batteries for my camera, they suggested I take a look at a lens/filter bundle pack. (No surprise, they knew just what I wanted.) It came with three lenses, 7 filters and a few other odds and ends. I decided to Read More

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