Illusions with Friends at The Guthrie

December 7, 2014

I have some pretty great friends. They are always up for doing new things and this Sunday afternoon stroll was no different. Kaley and I went to the Guthrie Theater the other week to catch up and just walk around as I snapped a few pictures. It was another cold and windy day that ended with us laughing a lot and taking some fun pictures.

The building is a very interesting and unique structure which lends to it having a lot of very cool pictures taken of it. We were really fascinated by the window sills lined with mirrors (picture at the top of the page) allowing some cool optical illusions to be had. A few of the pictures also captured my love of all things symmetrical.

It is free to walk around within and out onto the long skyway/deck thing overlooking the river. Make it part of an afternoon at Gold Medal Park right next to it… you won’t be disappointed if you want a relaxing afternoon activity.