A Poem for Single People on Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2014

If I was going to buy someone flowers for Valentine’s Day… you can bet I would buy them at Ecker’s Flowers and Greenhouses in Waverly, IA, where I took the above photo. They didn’t even have to pay me to write that.

Enjoy, a Poem for Single People on Valentine’s Day!

When you’re single on Vday,
it’s all fun and games.
Lovers are united,
so the singles can play.

It might sound weird,
but trust me I’m right.
Single on Vday,
makes for a good night.

Grab a flower or two,
now don’t get greedy.
Leave some of the stems,
for the last-minute needy.

Have the pizza delivered,
and extra wine on hand.
The night is young,
and you’re a one man band.

Fire up the music,
lite a candle or two.
Turn the Netflix on,
to find a stream that’s new.

Your night is now set,
it couldn’t be better.
Relax and enjoy,
a Vday in your ugliest sweater.

So, what did you think? Should I write more poems or just be done with them? Feel free to share it with your single friends as a how-to for Valentine’s Day.