December 21, 2014

The following is a poem from the point-of-view of Arthur, my dog, looking back on his year. Enjoy!

I walked outside today the brisk wind brushed my face,

My hair bent to the breeze and my paws slipped in place.

I gazed upon my new domain while gathering my thoughts,

Today I write this poem to you about reflections I have caught.


Just weeks ago I was packing my final few things with care,

My toys, my treats, well… that’s everything.

Tossed in a small bag and then again over my shoulder,

I was headed to the northland just an hour over the border.


As I walked from the door and it closed with a smack,

I looked down to a puddle and saw myself looking back.

Damn. I looked good after a long morning of work,

I wasn’t even sweating so I gave myself a wink with a smirk.


The drive took hours or years, I may have blacked out,

Being tossed around in back like a fresh river trout.

Alas, I arrived weary and wasted, I couldn’t sleep a wink,

My grandparents beside me were in need of a stiff drink.


From the window I saw what would be my new city,

But once again I was distracted by the sight of a kitty.

Walking up the sixteen steps for the very first time,

I was now out of breath from just the horrendous climb.


Thats when it caught me, my reflection once again,

In the glass door of my new building, my home, my den.

I looked different now, a city pup I had emerged,

My eyes wiser, my coat slicker, my two lives converged.


Now with a few more weeks under my pelt,

I’m more street smart because of cards I’ve been dealt.

The future is bright, though they say it will get colder,

We’ll see if it’s true but I’m now older and bolder.


So as you look back on the year, each triumph and blunder,

Remember to reflect, to gaze and to wonder.

I may be just a young pup with my whole life to master,

But don’t forget I age seven times faster.